Club Memberships

We offer three types of sermon club memberships to help you stay current in the teachings of Rev. Hicks:

1.  eMail/Printed Sermon Club           2. Audio Sermon Club          3. Video Sermon Club


25% Discount for Digital Audio and Video Sermons.

Subscribe to these clubs via digital downloads and save 25% off standard price. If you live overseas, this will greatly reduce your cost and wait time for shipping. Just click the USA digital option when purchasing. Also, check out our new bundled options: purchase any annual digital membership and receive a $51 discount off our search engine.

* Important Club Information *

Payments must be received on or before the 20th of each month to receive the next month's media club shipments. Payments received after the 20th of the month will be effective for the second month after that payment has been received. When members do not make monthly payments on time, their subscription service will be interrupted, and all missed shipments will have to be ordered at the single copy price plus shipping.

For example, if we receive your payment on or before July 20, you will receive media club shipments in August. However, if we receive your payment after July 20, you will not receive media club shipments in August, but will receive them in September.

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